SPRING | The big selling season

September 2018 | Troy McGuane

You’re thinking of selling. Spring, the big selling season, is almost here and you know that is when your property will look its best. The garden – whether yours, a neighbour’s or the strata body’s – will be at its prime and the warm sun on ground creates a sense of excitement.

But just as you’re going to market, so are countless others. So you will need to stand out. Good marketing and presentation is crucial. Do it right the first time.

However don’t leave it too late. To be in and done and dusted prior to Christmas, you should bring your property to market sooner rather than later. Nobody wants to be packing over Christmas. People just lose interest. If you need any further tips or advice on how to best present your property for sale in the busy spring season, get in touch with one our residential sales specialists today.