Pork and bean burrito bowl

31 May 2019

0:20 Prep
0:20 Cook
4 Servings


3 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

1 red onion, … Read the full post »

Tips for Having Your Rental Application Approved

27 May 2019

When it comes to renting, often you must search high and low until you finally find the perfect property to call home. … Read the full post »

Election A Win For The Property Market

23 May 2019

23 May 2019

With another election done and largely dusted, and with property matters … Read the full post »


23 April 2019

In some circumstances, a tenant may seek to break a fixed term agreement and vacate the rental property before the end date … Read the full post »

An explanation as to how the federal election could affect buyers.

12 April 2019

By : Troy McGuane

Try as the political parties might to paint the major issues of the day in black and white … Read the full post »

More than ever, home ownership matters!

5 April 2019

8 out of 10 survey respondents believe Australians should be able to own their home and that housing affordability is a top 3 concern. The Housing Industry Association says the … Read the full post »


25 March 2019

You no doubt have heard about the rental survey that was undertaken by the government at the end of 2018. This survey … Read the full post »

Types of tenancy agreements

28 February 2019

A tenancy agreement (also known as a … Read the full post »

Why do I need insurance as soon as I sign a contract to purchase a property?

11 February 2019

February 2019

Under a standard contract in most Australian states, the property is at the risk of the buyer on the first business day after the contract date. This means that … Read the full post »

Who is responsible for mould in a rental property?

31 January 2019

What is mould?
Mould is a fungal growth that thrives on moisture. It can grow in your home during the wetter months when conditions are damp, dark and poorly ventilated. Mould can … Read the full post »

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