Home Décor Trends

There’s no escaping trends! With new season home décor trends we see emerging tempts us to update our homes. Read on and discover some new and existing ways to redecorate your home with the latest styles.

Colour News Grey Colours that pair well including blush pink to navy blue and ochre.

Vintage Accents Incorporate one or two statement pieces, think traditional detailing spooled legs, spindles from 1800s and early 1900s.

Floral Wallpaper A good choice for powder bathrooms and foyers, has been around for years but has evolved with bold colours and even metallic versions. 

Wicker furniture The Perfect layer to balance modern and traditional style.

Curved Sofa Transporting you back to another decade with a modern twist and focus on line and curve.

Free Standing Tubs A luxurious soaking tub to add to your bathroom adding luxe vibe with a range of designs to suit.

Cosy Fabrics Living Rooms with ultimate comfort that welcomes you to snuggle up with a good book. Blankets, cushions with textures and patterns to match your décor.