Going away for Christmas?

Monique Robert | December 2018

It’s that time of the year again where all the family get together to enjoy the Christmas holiday season! If you have been lucky enough to dodge having the Christmas celebrations at your place and don’t expect to be home for a few days or weeks, it is important that you leave your property safe and secure for your return. Below are a few suggestions of things to double check before you go:



Don’t boast about your plans on social media

We get it – you’re excited about the holiday you have probably been waiting months for! But unless you know your social media privacy settings are up to scratch (and how can we ever be sure?!), try not to post details about when you are leaving and how long you are gone for.  Fun fact – A survey carried out by home security experts Friedland1 has revealed social media is being put to use by today’s home burglars. 78% of ex-burglars interviewed said that they strongly believed social media platforms are being used by current thieves when targeting properties.

Tidy up the gardens and secure all loose items

Although the chances of a cyclone passing through are low (no pun intended), we still do get the occasional storm with strong wind gusts. The last thing you want to worry about while on a holiday is if your property is safe, so make sure you secure all loose items outside before you go. If you have a garden shed or a tool box, ensure you lock it up safely so thieves don’t have access to anything that will help them break into your home.

Have a trusted friend or house sitter check on the house while you are away

It’s a good idea to leave your key with a trustworthy person so they can get in if there is any kind of emergency. Have someone pick up your mail once or twice a week so it doesn’t pile up in the mailbox.

Ensure all windows and doors are locked

This is a no brainer of course – but it never hurts to double check these things before leaving

Ensure your contents insurance policy is up-to-date

If you have contents insurance for your belongings, ensure it is up to date and the paperwork needed is safely stored away and easy to find should you ever need to make a claim