Do I need to have a licensed builder for my building and pest report?

Monique Robert | 15th January 2019


If you are purchasing a property in Queensland, you have the right to make the contract of sale subject to a satisfactory building and pest report. We recommend in most cases that you do this and if you do so, you will generally enlist the services of a licensed builder and pest inspector who will inspect the property and complete a thorough structural examination and identify any minor or major defects as well as any pest issues, such as live termites. This allows you to make an informed decision about proceeding with the purchase of the property.


Although you can choose to have a friend or yourself check the property for defects, we recommend all Purchasers use a licensed building and pest inspector to do the inspection as it protects them if something goes wrong after purchasing the property. All licensed building and pest inspectors should have an ‘inspection agreement’ which should detail how the complaint and dispute resolution will be handled should you discover any major defects or issues down that track that the inspector did not note in the report. Their professional indemnity insurance will cover you for financial loss or harm caused by them making a mistake in carrying out the inspection or omitting to do something they were supposed to do. Unfortunately, if you choose to do the inspection yourself or get an unlicensed friend to do it – you will not have this same protection if something were to go wrong.


If you are unsure whether you need to have a building and pest report done on a property you are purchasing, we suggest you speak to your solicitor or conveyancer who will be able to offer legal advice on the matter.