Why do I need a professional property manager?

People often underestimate the time involved and the skill set needed to manage property and there are serious consequences for getting it wrong.

Gone are the days when ignorance was bliss! The legislation is complex and ever-changing and the benefits of having a knowledgeable property manager working for you is invaluable.
Property Management is so much more than ‘collecting the rent’.

Often, Investors have spent a vast amount of time researching the market and finding the perfect investment for their needs, to then choose their Property Manager based on fees alone.

A professional Property Manager can play a strong part in maximising your income whilst preserving the property’s capital value.


What are the top three things that separate you from your competition?

To answer this, we asked our whole team. These were the 3 most agreed upon responses:

We are a team; we work together and help each other out whenever required.
We actually love our jobs and take a lot of pride in doing it well.
We are constantly training and striving to be better and more efficient


What geographic area do you cover?

We manage properties from Palm Cove to Gordonvale and everywhere in between. We structure our teams to manage properties in ‘Zones’ in order to maximise our efficiency, local market knowledge and client care.


Do you hand out keys to prospective tenants?

No. Too many things can go wrong when handing keys to prospective tenants. Your dedicated property manager will make appointments or ‘viewing times’ to personally show the property to prospective tenants. This give us an opportunity to get to know the prospective tenant better, as well as be in a position to ‘sell’ the benefits of living at the property.


Do you have a system for checking prospective tenants with regard to credit worthiness, rental history and their current employment?

We have a very thorough, tough application process for all prospective tenants.
We subscribe to a major Tenancy Database, run affordability calculations and check all references.
We encourage 12 month leases wherever possible and do not like to ‘take a chance’ on tenants.

Our job is not to find a tenant, but to secure a quality tenant for your property.

It’s a win-win situation.


How will you find a tenant for my property?

We utilise technology to it’s best advantage. With online listings to various real estate websites, in particular and With online marketing, prospective tenants are able to ‘view’ your property and contact us for further details, 24 hours a day.

Taking this further, we keep a database of pre-approved and VIP tenants looking for properties to rent. We keep this database up to date, to allow us to contact any suitable tenants quickly and easily to advise them of upcoming vacancies.

In addition to this, we hold regular ‘stock runs’ with the whole team. This way, our entire team (not just your property manager!) knows the properties on our vacancy list and are able to suggest them to prospective tenants when they are in discussions with them.


Should I allow pets at my property?

This is entirely at your discretion. There are arguments for and against.
Just as there are some properties perfect for pets, and others that are just not suited to pets.
It is important to consider that more than half of Australian households have a pet.

We have specific pet clauses in our lease agreements that tenants are required to abide by.


Who pays for water usage?

The RTA states that the landlord is responsible for a ‘reasonable amount of water used on the premises’ and that you can require the tenant to pay for water used above that amount, however only if the premises are individually metered.

Alternatively, if all your water devices meet required standards you may be able to charge your tenants for all water consumed.


Will you go to court for me if need be?

Unfortunately, we might have to go to the tenancy tribunal to protect your rights as a landlord.
Whilst not the most pleasant aspect of our role, this is something we are always thoroughly prepared for and approach fastidiously and professionally.


Why do I need public liability insurance?

In recent years we have seen huge judgements against property owners and sadly, it seems to be getting worse.
We require all of our Landlords to have a minimum cover of $10 millon.